Simon Goes to Spain now available in Australia!

We are almost halfway through 2019 and it feels like Christmas is upon us! I really don’t want to think about Christmas yet, but … just saying.
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Simon Goes to Spain is now available to order online in Australia through Dymocks, Booktopia and It’s not in the stores, as yet, and I wait impatiently to see it on the shelves with other authors in the ‘A’s. I’m assured, it’ll happen when sales have increased. Just to help sales along here is a link to the online stores above;
It is a very scary prospect, considering how to increase sales and I’m visiting Austin Macauley to see what I can do to promote the book. The thought of author talks, or signings fill me with dread – what if no-one comes? Or some other dreadful fate befalls me, like running terribly late or the car breaking down. Oh, woe is me, looking at the worst-case scenario. If I’m worried about being late, well then, I’ll prepare extra early so that, if necessary, I can catch public transport. If no-one shows, I’ll browse the shelves, pick up another amazing book to read and buy a coffee. So, if you see me in a bookstore near you, sitting alone, please come and say hello.