Welcome to my author site

The first thing I would like to say is how very privileged I am to have such a professional site promoting my first book ‘Simon Goes to Spain’.
The book was inspired by my step-son, Simon, who has autism and developmental delay.
We enjoyed holidays in Spain each year.  One year there was a minor earth tremor and it felt and sounded like a freight train rumbling under our villa.    I suppose this was the seed that the book grew from some 12 to 13 years later.
As a teacher I often meet families of children with autism or disabilities and I know first-hand it is a tiring task, but something I often hear parents ask is ‘where did we go wrong?’  In the ‘Simon’ series, I want everyone to be aware that the families of children with autism and disabilities are just like any other family.  We are trying to do the best for our children and families but make mistakes on the way.
In ‘Simon goes to Spain’, Simon has melt-downs, is selfish and struggles with social cues and situations but he manages to save his family and the world from Demarion Diaz’s evil plans -- to take over the world’s wealth.  I know you’ll enjoy the book and have a laugh at how Simon and his family saves the world.